We are pleased to now offer 0% finance at The Willows so you can spread the cost of your dental treatment.

We’ve partnered with a company called Tabeo, which is the #1 finance provider for private elective healthcare in the UK.

How does Tabeo work?

First, you’ll come to see us for an initial consultation. We’ll let you know the price for the treatment you want.

If you decide you want a loan to pay for the treatment, then we’ll send you a link by text/email to Tabeo.

You click the link in the text/email and select the payment option that suits you best.

The credit application is really short, you can breeze through it in 2 minutes. (N.B. There is no credit check for a quote using the finance calculator, only if you choose to proceed with taking finance.)

If you’re approved, you just need to choose when you want payments to be collected each month and you can start the loan right away.

If you’re unsuccessful, you can easily refer the application to a friend or family member and have them apply on your behalf.

Need more information?

Learn more at The Willows page on the Tabeo website.