Mercury Filling Removal

We are the only certified dental practice within a 100-mile radius to use the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal System (SMART) for safe silver filling removal. Dr Anita Shukla is SMART-trained and highly experienced in this technique.


All silver amalgam fillings contain around 50% mercury, which, when the filling is removed using conventional drilling techniques, causes mercury vapour to be released. This vapour can be inhaled into the lungs and absorbed into the body – where it could potentially cause harm.  Using the SMART protocol, dentists are specially trained to remove fillings in a way which dramatically reduces the release of mercury vapours and particles, protecting you, the dental team and the environment.

(Please note that amalgam filling removal is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding clients due to the risk of mercury vapour inhalation.)

What does SMART involve?

Mercury exposure to the client is reduced using several rigorous protective and safety measures

  • Rinsing of the mouth using a charcoal liquid before and following the procedure
  • Protective impermeable face, head, neck and body covers are worn
  • A nasal mask is provided to deliver oxygen and to ensure that no mercury vapour is inhaled during the procedure
  • A special non-latex dental dam is placed in the mouth during the procedure to seal the mouth and prevent mercury exposure
  • Mercury is captured using a high speed evacuation device which quickly collects and removes mercury particles

An air-filtration system will be in use in the treatment room to remove harmful vapours, and the dental team  will be wearing full protective face, head and body coverings including respiratory masks for oxygen delivery.    We fully comply with federal, state and local regulations addressing the proper handling, cleaning and/or disposal of mercury-contaminated components.