• All you need to know about Dental Infections

    All you need to know about Dental Infections

    All you need to know about dental infections Dental infections can be a serious problem and therefore shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can even become life-threatening if left untreated. In this post, we provide you the information you need to recognise and respond to a dental infection. What is a dental infection? A dental infection

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  • Fluoride in the Water Supply – Good or Bad?

    Fluoride in the Water Supply – Good or Bad?

    We all drink it every day, probably without even realising it. It helps prevent cavities and it’s also found in toothpaste. Of course, we’re talking about fluoride, a colourless, tasteless and odourless mineral that is artificially added to drinking water. What are the benefits of fluoride? One reason that cavities have declined over the last

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  • Being the right dentist

    Being the right dentist

    Are all dentists created equal? Since every dentist has the same basic qualifications, you might think they all provide the same level of care and professionalism. However, this isn’t the case, since there’s a lot more to dentistry than just knowing about procedures and tools. In fact, a dentist’s provision of care can be affected

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  • The Impact of Oral Conditions on Life

    The Impact of Oral Conditions on Life

    Though toothache is frequently ranked as one of the top three most painful and debilitating afflictions, the global impact that it has on life is likely to be overlooked because its sequelae are generally mild and easily treated when compared to some of the more serious conditions analysed by the Global Burden of Disease study

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  • Make a meal of it!

    Make a meal of it!

    The Child Dental Health Survey of 2003 shows a marked increase in the oral health of children compared to 1983 with fewer 15 year olds requiring fillings and children generally visiting the dentist at a younger age, with 31% of five year olds visiting the dentist before the age of two. Despite this improvement, 16%

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  • Wisdom teeth Explained

    Wisdom teeth Explained

      Every year, 75,000 people in the UK have their wisdom teeth removed. Let Willows Dental Practice in Hereford share its ‘wisdom’ with you about wisdom teeth!   What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually emerge through the gums in the late teens or early twenties. They are also often trouble-makers.

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  • Why are we afraid of the dentist?

    Why are we afraid of the dentist?

    Feeling anxious about visiting a dentist can sometimes prevent you getting dental treatment you might need. Thousands of people haven’t seen a dentist in over 5 years, something we encounter quite often. Dental anxiety can range from a general anxious feeling about seeing the dentist, up to severe panic attacks. This can lead to patients

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