• Eight habits that could harm your teeth

    Eight habits that could harm your teeth

    2017 has gone by fast (too fast, in our opinion) and now 2018 is just around the corner. Now might be the time to start thinking about the resolutions you want to make for the coming year. If one of your goals is to get healthier teeth next year, then consider making it a resolution

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  • Do our toothbrushes harbour bacteria?

    Do our toothbrushes harbour bacteria?

    Toothbrushes. We use them every day and we rarely give them a second thought. But should we be paying closer attention to them? According to several studies, toothbrushes can harbour bacteria that can cause disease.   Back to the past The first mass-produced toothbrush was produced in 1780 by a man called William Addis. These

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  • The Impact of Oral Conditions on Life

    The Impact of Oral Conditions on Life

    Though toothache is frequently ranked as one of the top three most painful and debilitating afflictions, the global impact that it has on life is likely to be overlooked because its sequelae are generally mild and easily treated when compared to some of the more serious conditions analysed by the Global Burden of Disease study

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  • Make a meal of it!

    Make a meal of it!

    The Child Dental Health Survey of 2003 shows a marked increase in the oral health of children compared to 1983 with fewer 15 year olds requiring fillings and children generally visiting the dentist at a younger age, with 31% of five year olds visiting the dentist before the age of two. Despite this improvement, 16%

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  • Overcoming a fear of dental injections

    Overcoming a fear of dental injections

    28% of adults were reported to have an extreme fear of dental injections in the most recent publication of the Adult Dental Health Survey. For many people this fear is reason enough to stop them accessing dental services completely, pushing them further away from the single most effective means of fear eradication: systematic desensitisation, a

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  • Helpful Oral Hygiene Instructions

    Helpful Oral Hygiene Instructions

    Brushing Amongst the profession, the gold standard brushing system is known as the modified bass technique. Studies have shown that this particular method of tooth brushing is significantly superior to standard tooth brushing. Disappointingly, few people are taught to brush their teeth using this method as part of a dental check-up. The modified bass technique

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